Enzone Holdings Ltd

Enzone Holdings Ltd is the parent company for Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd and MGD Engineering Ltd and until April 2013 Styleguard Ltd which has now been absorbed into Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd.

Latest News

June 2013

The second high Pressure polyurethane machine arrives at Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd.

May 2013

Rotational Moulding comes to Enzone Holdings Ltd.

April 2013

Styleguard Ltd merged into Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd.

Industries available at Enzone Holdings Ltd

• Vacuum Forming

• Polyurethane Moulding

• Injection Moulding

• Rotational Moulding

• Metal Fabrication (Including various types of Press Work)

Rotational moulding technology allows the plastics’s industry to produce light-weight, seamless, stress-free parts of virtually any size in the most complex shapes.

Other benefits of rotational moulding include:

• Some products that would normally need to be assembled from multiple different pieces in other processes can be moulded as a one piece part

•Colours are only limited by your imagination.  Since there are no lines to clean, many parts are produced in multiple different colours without the need for additional tooling.

•Metal inserts for the installation of fasteners, nuts/bolts, handles/latches, etc. can be moulded right into the plastic part providing superior pull out strength.

Rotational Moulding comes to Enzone Plastics 1990 Ltd